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When security is a must
We provide advanced identification technologies for companies that cannot risk exposing their most sensitive systems to unauthorized access or data compromise.


Issue the latest high tech security cards to eliminate credential theft, protect employee and customer privacy and know exactly with whom you are doing business with.


Force a multi-layered login approach that requires possession and knowledge of multiple attributes such as possession on a secure token, fingerprint or unique PIN to gain access to sensitive systems.


Ensure that all data and communications processed on mobile devices is encrypted and cannot be accessed by rouge users. Verify that all devices are compliance and not exposing your enterprise to cyber security risks.

We help organizations lower costs and strengthen security through the use of next generation identity, credential and access management technologies.

Cutting edge techniques helped drastically improve the overall user experience.

Government program manager


Procuring our services is easy. We have GSA STARS II and SBA 8(a) contract options available. Learn more here.

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Our turnkey and cloud based PIV credentialing solutions can allow you to issue PIV based smart cards within hours. Utilized by fortune 500 companies and by major government programs, our PIV card solutions are interoperable, robust and effective for any size enterprise.


March 23, 2015 Connect:ID; Washington DC

Join us in person at the Connect:ID conference in Washington DC. We will be demonstrating our web based auto biometric enrollment and our on card comparison biometric solutions.