Why soQ – Queue Display System?


SoQ is designed with modern standard. Looks nice and pleasing. It seamlessly fits in with your modern surrounding.

Historical Queue

Historical queue allows your customers to view queue no that have been called. This reduces frequent customer inquiries if an order has been completed.

Multiple Displays

Business owner can deploy multiple queue displays to cover a wide area.


  • Two modes

    Display in a list view or classical view.

  • Color Setting

    Ability to change queue number color, background color and historical queue no.

  • High Res Display

    Queue display (QDisplay) has high resolution which makes number easy to see even from far away.


  • Easy to use

    Just key in the number and press enter.

  • Historical Queue

    View queue number that has been called.

  • Optional keyboard

    Prefer physical key? Pair a bluetooth keyboard or two.

  • Carry Everywhere

    Last up to 8 hours on a single charge. It can be carried anywhere.

Suitable for

Ice Cream / Bubble Tea stall

Food stall


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